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EP Group is the portal of Egyptian pharmaceutical factories to Middle Eastern and African markets.In 2002, we began operation of our services….

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Elarabi Medical (EM) is the gateway to the Middle East and Africa for European and Asian paramedical and cosmetics manufacturers….

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EPDA allows Egyptian pharmaceutical factories to sell their wares to a network of private pharmacies, hospital pharmacies and drug stores.

Why we


“A patient looking for medication or healthcare essentials is a common and critical situation….That makes our team passionate for trading.”

Therefore, serious investment is required to ensure the ease of access to healthcare essentials (Pharmaceutical / Paramedical / Cosmetic), for patients all over the world. Our group consist of 3 major companies, offering a variety of services to all healthcare industry players.


Corporate Mission

We seek to enrich and master the healthcare market by improving factories' sustainability and allowing them to focus on their core production business. Through collaboration with clients, our experienced team interacts with our business networks to ensure the availability of resources

Healthcare Vision

We want to facilitate the reach of the highest quality health essentials to patients worldwide

Our Business Goals

EP Group shareholders believe that patients of all nationalities have an equal right to access the highest quality healthcare essentials. To ensure that this goal can be reached, EP group provides business to business services which facilitate the distribution of high quality health essentials from factories to pharmacies.

EP Offers fully
Integrated Services.


At EP, we do our best to guarantee that proper healthcare is accessible to patients everywhere, through our integrated full scope of services that; together with our partners, work to enrich and expand. 
We work with partners, and clients in and outside of Egypt, up to Africa, Asia and Europe to achieve our goal. We help factories, producers, stores and local manufacturers to upgrade the healthcare market.




Conduct Business Ethically

Consider Long-Term Impacts

Satisfy Patient Demands

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Quality Assurance


Our high standards ensure that our partners & clients enjoy consistent high quality services.

The EP Group is ISO 9001:2008 certified. This standard is based on a number of quality management principles including a strong customer focus, the motivation and leadership of top management, the process approach and continual improvement.


Latest News

Our chairmen, Dr. Sherif El Masry

Is participating in ongoing strategic governmental committee for the development of Egyptian pharmaceutical exportation.

Latest News

New to our market

The launch of health essentials automated outlets in the Egyptian market.